Welcome to the Southern Cardamom Mountains

Chi phat

chi phat river

This village is situated 17km upstream from Road 48.  It is a small secluded village allowing you to immerse yourself in the relaxed Cardamom lifestyle.  Opened in October 2008, Chi Phat's CBET has set the standard in the country, providing a wide array of green activities suitable for all ages and skills, from experienced mountain bikers to people seeking relaxation in a calm and comfortable lodge overlooking the river and enjoying a bird-watching tour or a sunset dinner cruise.

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Trapeang Roung


This dynamic and enthusiastic community will make you feel welcome.  If you want to experience the Cambodian way of life, this is the place for you. Multiple waterfalls, dense forest and river rapids are just some of the sites of interest you will find.  Trapeang Roung's trails cover a large area, giving you the opportunity to spend more time in the jungle and get a real feeling of adventure.

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